Earn Loyalty Points on Every Monthly Subscription
Earn Loyalty Points on Every Monthly Subscription

Have You Considered the Mannatech Opportunity?

Explore how you can improve your health and earn income!

Did a friend recommend our superior products to you? Or are you searching for a “side hustle” or even possibly a new career to improve your financial situation? Mannatech makes it possible! You can begin with very low start-up costs and the time flexibility to work the hours you want, without requiring prior experience in business or sales.  You’ll have access to tools, training, and a network to support you along the way.

Whether you’re looking for an extra few hundred dollars each month or transitioning to a new career,^ Mannatech is the right company for you. We offer a wide array of scientifically validated wellness products and have stood the test of time – we are a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: MTEX) and are currently celebrating our 28th anniversary, earning more than $5 billion in total sales and millions of customers in 26 countries through the years!

Our turn-key, global business platform can help empower you to monetize your influence and improve your physical and financial self through the sale of Mannatech products.  

Consider the attractive benefits of a Mannatech business:

Low start-up costs

Work from anywhere

No inventory to purchase or store

All products come with a no-risk, industry-leading, 90-day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Personal and professional development opportunities through one-on-one business building coaching from industry veterans

An opportunity to give back and transform the world around you – a portion of every sale goes to help nourish children


As a company, we have invested tens of millions of dollars into scientific research, secured more than 149 patents since our inception, currently hold 94 patents in major markets and have validated our products through human clinical studies.

Our Global Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of top-tier, independent scientists, guides our science-backed products. These patents and validations protect your business and help set you apart. No one has products like Mannatech!

Join a Health and Wellness-Minded Community

Join a community of like-minded people passionate about wellness.

When you join Mannatech, you become part of a community whose members are committed to wellness and personal growth. We’re a community transforming the world through Glyconutrition.

Glyconutrients are essential components found in aloe plants that support cell-to-cell communication in our bodies. They may support your immune and digestive systems, enhance brain and cognitive function, and improve mood.*

Mannatech’s line of wellness products are based on cutting-edge nutritional technology, which we pioneered in 1994. This science is growing and becoming more mainstream, as evidenced by the work being done at the University of Oxford’s Glycobiology Institute.

Our business model leverages the newest technologies of personalized social selling tools, audio/video communications and cross-border e-commerce platforms to expand your reach to the 26 countries (and growing) where we sell, and increase your impact.

Your Wellness Journey Begins with You

Help others feel great and get paid for your success!

Nutritional supplementation is no longer considered a luxury; it is necessary for those wanting a lifestyle of health, youth and vitality. Your own wellness journey should be based on your need for optimal health in the face of today’s stressed lifestyles, environmental toxicity and chronic malnutrition. Foods have lost their nutritional value  and today’s current lifestyles lead to very poor dietary choices.

We guarantee you and your customers will experience real results. When you join Mannatech, you’ll enjoy the benefit of helping others feel great and will be compensated for your successes in sharing Mannatech with the world. We provide a rewarding commission plan that can help offset your monthly Mannatech purchases or allow for you to create revenue to enjoy life the way you desire.

It’s Worth the Work!

In this new era of social selling and the “Side Hustle Economy” a new generation of Micro Entrepreneurs is emerging, and they are no longer happy to simply trade their time for wages. Instead, they begin part-time by creating asset-based incomes and then leverage them into longer term opportunities. You can generate extra income, too, by monetizing your online influence and building a business that could become a full-time career.

You can succeed in Direct Sales. With a team of like-minded people helping you every step of the way, including mentors and fellow Associates who are already succeeding, you can benefit from the power of compounding efforts and find out just how “worth it” direct selling can be!

Mannatech: The Company

Mannatech is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: MTEX) and is currently celebrating its 28th anniversary. If you’re looking to start any type of new business, you’ll want to offer products that people buy – and people buy Mannatech products month after month, year after year, as evidenced by the fact that Mannatech has generated more than $5B+ in sales in the last 28 years.

With an aging population, rising costs of healthcare and high interest in natural health solutions that combine the best of science and nature, now is the best time to own a side business or a global business in the multitrillion-dollar health and wellness industry! Mannatech can provide you just the right Social-Mobile-Global business platform to use in starting your own turn-key business, selling products that people buy.

Mannatech: The Community


“The Mannatech products have already proven themselves… Mannatech has changed my life.”

Don McCormick


“My kids ask for Ambrotose. They love it in their water; they love how it makes them feel.”

Dr. Marcia Schaefer


“Not only did Mannatech give my family a healthy lifestyle, they also offered me the freedom of choice.”

David Lee & May Yin

These Mannatech Associates are living their best lives. You can, too. You won’t be alone. We have the community, training, tools and support platform to help you reach your goals.

You can do this! We will help you! You Are Worth It!

^Commissions, bonuses, and incentive rewards are earned through the sale of Mannatech products.  Mannatech does not guarantee the amount of income or incentive rewards, if any, that an Associate participating in the Mannatech business will generate. As with any business, each Associate’s business results may vary and will be based on, among other factors, the Associate’s effort and skill, the customer base available to him or her, and the time devoted to the business. Please view the Mannatech Career and Compensation Plan at https://library.mannatech.com/download/1263.

‡Mannatech recommends that Ambrotose LIFE™ be taken only as directed.  Children age 4 and older can take the product if approved by a health care provider. If you have questions for use beyond the directions indicated on the label, you should speak to a qualified healthcare professional.


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