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The Mission 5 Million℠ (M5M℠) movement represents Mannatech’s mission to see 5 million children in need receive proper nutrition with our real-food supplements.

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  • Empact – Buy One, Get One Free
    With AMBROTOSE COMPLEX AND MANAPOL, EM•PACT is clinically shown to increase stamina and endurance to help you perform in peak condition.  Benefits Supports the body’s natural physiology prior to and post workouts. Contains electrolytes potassium and magnesium.   Provides caffeine-free sustained energy. How to Use Mix one level tablespoon with 250ml water 15-20mins prior to… […]
  • Find Out Which “Friends” Character You Are By How Much Coffee You Drink
    Are you Rachel, who makes but hardly drinks the coffee, or are you a coffee junkie like Phoebe? Thanks to a TV fan who estimated how much coffee the characters in the hit TV show “Friends” drank during its run, you can find out which character you are! Here is the coffee consumption estimate. See… […]
  • Mannatech Australia launches on WECHAT!
    Mannatech Australia launches on WECHAT! We are so excited to advise that Mannatech Australia has launched on WeChat!  Why is that exciting! Just look at these statistics! WeChat has over 3 million active monthly users in Australia. Australia has more people of Chinese ancestry than any other country outside Asia. 60% of WeChat Users will… […]

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